2016 UK Coin Two Pounds (£2) 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London

2016 UK Coin Two Pounds (£2) 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London

This £2 coin commemorates the 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London. The coin was produced by The Royal Mint. When compared to the Royal Mint price of £10.00 you will make a saving of £0.75 per item when ordering from us. Other 2016 £2 coins include the 400th Anniversary of the Death of William Shakespeare and the Army - World War One coin.


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The Great Fire of London started on 2nd September, 1666, at a bakery on Pudding Lane. The fire raged through London setting alight thatched roofs and wooden buildings. People took refuge in boats on the Thames. The fire was finally extinguished on 5th September. There were only six deaths officially recorded as a result of the fire. It is likely there were many more, as deaths of working class people were not recorded. The Royal Mint's home in the Tower of London was protected due to controlled explosions which brought down buildings in the path of the fire in order to starve it of fuel.

The obverse features the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark. This is the first time the portrait has appeared on the £2 coins, having been unveiled in 2015.

The reverse of the coin was designed by Aaron West, a Royal Mint designer. The £2 shows the skyline of London with smoke and flames billowing behind. People taking refuge on boats can be seen in the foreground.

Denomination £2
Alloy Inner:Cupro-Nickel - Outer:Nickel-Brass
Diameter 28.4mm
Weight 12g
Reverse Designer Aaron West
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Edge Inscription The Whole City In Dreadful Flames
Mint Royal Mint
Finish Brilliant Uncirculated