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Purchase Gold - How to Buy the Precious Metal at the Best Price!

Author: Ian Davis - Bullion Manager

Published: 19 Apr 2018

Last Updated: 9 Jun 2020

Whether you are an amateur investor or have already built up a portfolio, there are essential questions that you should ask:

  1. Is it a good investment?
  2. What should I buy?
  3. When should I buy?

Is it a Good Investment?

Do you want a good investment or a great investment? We know which we would want - the great investment! The easiest way to a great investment is to buy gold at the lowest premium above spot. But, you should also look at the buy-back premium. This is your buying-selling spread and will be an important factor when you want to liquidate your investment. We are happy to answer your questions to help you understand your purchase so that you make the best investment at the time.

What Should I Buy?

We are often asked 'What should I buy? Coins or bars?'. Some people prefer bars to coins, but these days we sell far more coins than we sell bars. It is often down to personal choice, you can find great deals and low premiums on both gold coins and bars. If you want to buy our cheapest gold take a look at our Best Value gold. 

You can buy one kilo gold bars at a 1.5% premium above gold spot which is a cheap way to buy a large quantity of gold. However, if you need to raise some cash and need to sell it, you will have to sell the whole 1kg gold bar. 

One ounce gold coins and sovereigns are our most popular gold bullion products. Investors in gold like the flexibility that these coins offer. As with most of our products, the more you buy, the better the price that you pay as the premiums reduce with the number of coins that you buy.

The Our Choice best value one ounce gold coin option the cheapest way to buy investment gold. These coins have very low premiums, making them perfect for investors. The coins will be chosen at random from our stock, meaning they could be one of the following: Krugerrands, kangaroos, Perth Mint lunar, philharmonicas, eagles or any other recognised and reputable one ounce bullion coin. They will also be our choice of mint and date, enabling us to supply you with gold coins minted by recognised LBMA approved refiners at the lowest prices. Many investors like to stick to one type of coin - for example Britannias. However, you may find that you would like to extend your gold portfolio with these other coins. 

When Should I Buy?

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