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Buy Silver For Investment - Our Top 6 Bullion Buys

Author: Ian Davis - Bullion Manager

Published: 19 Apr 2018

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2021


Buy silver for investment from a bullion dealer with over 50 years experience! Buy silver bullion online or come into our showroom to see us in person! 

Top 6 Silver Bullion Buys

1 oz Our Choice Silver Coin CGT Exempt - Minty


1 oz Silver Coin Our Choice - Minty




Quantity Premium % Total

Price Per Item:

Est UK Delivery

Price Per Item:

Est UK Delivery

Price Per Item:

Est UK Delivery

Price Per Item:

Est UK Delivery

1 Kg Silver Bar Metalor - Cast


Quantity Premium Total

Price Per Item:
£596.10 (Exc. VAT)
£715.32 (Inc. VAT)

Est UK Delivery

Price Per Item:
£594.10 (Exc. VAT)
£712.92 (Inc. VAT)

Est UK Delivery

Price Per Item:
£593.35 (Exc. VAT)
£712.02 (Inc. VAT)

Est UK Delivery

Price Per Item:
£592.10 (Exc. VAT)
£710.52 (Inc. VAT)

Est UK Delivery

Price Per Item:
£591.35 (Exc. VAT)
£709.62 (Inc. VAT)

Est UK Delivery

Price Per Item:
£590.35 (Exc. VAT)
£708.42 (Inc. VAT)

Est UK Delivery

500g Silver Bar Our Choice - New


Surcharge: from £43

Price: from £366.16

250g Silver Bar Our Choice - New


Surcharge: from £39.5

Price: from £204.64

100g Metalor Silver Bar Cast - New


Surcharge: £32.25

Price: £101.59

More Silver Products

You can also use these links to buy silver bullion online today....

Best Value Silver 

All best value products are our best prices and the ideal choice if you are looking to invest. Our choice items include one ounce silver coins, lunar series, Britannias etc.  We also provide our choice silver bars from a range of refineries at the lowest premiums possible. 

Pre-owned Silver Bars

As silver is a vatable product we must charge you VAT by law. On second hand products you pay less VAT as you only pay VAT on the profit we make not the total price meaning you get the same product for less money! Some of our pre-owned bars have slight knocks and some scratches and if this does not bother you it is a great choice for investment. 

Silver Lunar Coins

The lunar calendar design changes every year. We stock a range of weights for each coin. 

Silver Maple Coins

 Invest in silver with a maple coin. We stock the very popular 1 oz (one ounce) silver maple coins which are ideal for investment. The maple is a popular coin design from Canada

If you are looking to invest in silver why not start with some of our popular options above. These have been very popular silver investments for 2018.

Further Reading

Naturally we accumulate certain stock lines and as a result can offer great low premiums on many silver products. Follow this link to some of the best silver deals in the UK

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