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Which Size Bullion Coin to Choose?

Author: Ian Davis - Bullion Manager

Published: 19 Nov 2018

Last Updated: 12 Nov 2020


Coins come in different sizes and weights> Here, we offer adivce about one, half, quater and tenth ounce coins.

Fractional Bullion Coins 

Fractional Sizes of The Gold Britannia

Various Weights of Bullion Coins

Here are the weights of bullion coins commonly available. There are of course others, these are the most readily available:

  • One Ounce
  • Half Ounce
  • Quarter Ounce
  • Tenth Ounce

Other Weights

Other weight of gold coins are available, including twentieth ounce, one twenty-fifth of an ounce, two ounces, ten ounces, and one kilo. Often the prices per ounce are extortionate making them an illogical investment but some are collectable and hold numismatic value. In theory, larger coins should be available at lower premiums, but they are not as easy to obtain. Plus the market for them is less liquid, therefore dealers expect bigger margins on them. They are mainly bought as novelty items and if you wanted to use a one coin as a doorstop you could do!

Our Advice

Over many years, our advice to investors has been very simple and consistent. Within reason, buy the cheapest, by which we mean the lowest percentage premium over gold.


Most of the time, one ounce bullion coins sell at lower percentage premiums than their fractional equivalents, full one ounce bullion coins are therefore a better investment purchase than the fractional weights.


It is often possible to buy older "real" gold coins, including smaller ones, for a premium similar to one ounce bullion coins. In that case, we would obviously recommend buying them instead. More information on our Real Coins versus Bullion Coins page.

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