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Golden Brown - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown & Gold

Author: Lawrence Chard - Director and Expert Numismatist

Published: 16 Jan 2000

Last Updated: 19 Feb 2019

Then UK Chancellor, now Prime Minister, Gordon Brown acquired the ironic nickname Golden Brown after his disastrous half price sale of Britain's gold reserves between 1999 and 2002. Sometimes also called Goldfinger Brown, he appears to dislike owning gold, and tries his best to give it away.

The "Golden Brown" nickname appears to have first been coined in 1999. The earliest use we can remember is by The Guardian, but the Telegraph, Times, and Sunday Mirror have also used it.

Golden Brown & The Half Price Gold Sale

From 1999 to 2002, Gordon Brown, against advice of leading bankers, sold a large proportion of Britain's Gold Reserves, and managed to time the sales to coincide with a 25 year low. Since then, gold has more than doubled in price.

The handling of the sales appears to have done with remarkable incompetence.

Third World Debt Reduction & The Great IMF Giveaway

Having sold Britain's gold off at a record low price, Goldfinger Brown has tried to get the rest of the world, actually the IMF, to give away most of its gold to relieve third world debt. Perhaps this done out of some great socialist principle, or perhaps to ensure that he goes down in history as a great philanthropist. We would be more impressed if it were his own money he were giving away!

2007 Election

We would advise Prime Minister Gordon Brown to call an early election before things get worse, and the electorate wakes up to reality. A general election in 2007 may be his only chance.

Satirical Song

There is also a satirical song called Golden Brown, by Adrian Cains.
It is written to the tune of the song Golden Brown, originally performed by The Stranglers:

Gordon Brown shows us all fun
Doing things like arresting your mum 
He thinks its right
Don't need to fight
Never in town with Gordon Brown

Every time just like the last
He will mess up wasn't it fast? 
Tax all the land
Steal both your hands
Constantly frown with Gordon brown 

Gordon Brown oh what a mess 
All our own cash is in your old vest 
Go far away 
Don't even stay
He'll come to your town will Gordon Brown

(Constantly frown) Constantly Frown frown (Constantly frown)
(Constantly frown) At Gordon Brown (with golden brown)

(Constantly frown) Constantly frown (Constantly frown)
(Constantly frown) At Gordon Brown (with golden brown)

(Constantly frown) Constantly frown (Constantly frown)
(Constantly frown) At Gordon Brown (with golden brown)

(Constantly frown) Constantly frown (Constantly frown)
(Constantly frown) At Gordon Brown (with golden brown)

(Constantly frown) Constantly frown (Constantly frown)

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